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Should you have any questions or would like further information about our services, please head to the Contact Us page and complete the enquiry form. We can also arrange a telephone conversation with one of our physiotherapists upon request.

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Before you visit

If you need to speak to one of our physiotherapists about your condition you can do so before booking an appointment. Alternatively, if you are booking online please let us know the nature of your condition in the ‘describe your condition’ box. If you do not need to discuss it please notify us about the nature of your condition before you book an appointment.

If you wish to use a private health insurance to cover your treatment please contact them first:

Bring appropriate clothes for your treatment as some parts of the body may need to be exposed. Shorts, or a vest may be necessary.

If your problem has been previously diagnosed or if you previously had any medical investigations such as X-rays MRI’s etc. please bring your results with you to your first appointment.


Individual physiotherapy sessions  
Initial consultation (including treatment, approx. time 60 minutes) £70
Follow-up treatment 45 minutes £60
60 minutes £65
45 minutes £52
30 minutes £40
Strenghtening & injury prevention  
Initial screening  (an individually tailored exercise routine is provided  following an assessment, approx. 45 minutes) £62
Session 45 minutes £52

1-to-1 sessions

Session 45 minutes
Block of 5 = £235

Session 60 minutes
Block of 5 = £280



1-to-2 sessions
(1 physiotherapist, 2 clients)

Session 60 minutes
Block of 5 = £310 (£62 pp)

Session 45 minutes
Block of 5 = £265 (£53 pp)

£69 (£34.50pp)

£59 (£29.5 pp)


How to find W6 Physiotherapy

Opening hours

Monday 9:30-19:00
Tuesday 9:30-19:00
Wednesday 12:00-19:00
Thursday 9:00-19:00
Friday 9:00-17:30
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed