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How can we help you?

Most injuries are accompanied with movement difficulties. People often can’t function normally (can’t bend down, walk, move their arms or legs free of pain). To be able to treat the condition movement must be restored, therefore in our physiotherapy we concentrate on restoring function, allowing you to move free of pain again.

Once you are moving normally, the body can initiate healing processes, which often is supported with the exercises we give you. This is how recovery starts allowing you to get back to your everyday routine – whether you are an athlete, office worker, an actor or enjoying your retirement.

Treatment is based on clinical examination

What does it mean?

Why don’t we rely on X-rays and MRI’s only? Before we treat you we will conduct detailed clinical examination of how your body functions. We will test your range of movement, strength, and other abilities required for you to function normally. Once we gather the clinical picture then we apply specific treatment techniques and and start to monitor their effects.

In our clinic we treat a spectrum of patients ranging from young active people, to retired members of our community who don’t move as much.

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