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We broadly utilize the Maitland technique for assessment and treatment of all patients coming through our doors. This concept of physiotherapy involves continual evaluation and reassessment of movement, symptomsand intervention to ensure the most effective management of your condition.

This specific way of thinking allows treatments such as manipulation, mobilisation and myofascial release to be tailored to your needs, to optimize individual results.

Therapists at the Back Pain Group may also use techniques such as dry needling, kinesiotaping and functional fascial taping and many more that are at the experienced physiotherapist’s disposal. 

We can also apply electrotherapeutic modalities such as ultrasound, laser, pulsed shortwave therapy and TENS to optimise comfort and speed up the rate of healing. 

The combination of these manual therapy techniques in addition to our vast knowledge in rehabilitation, strengthening and conditioning has successfully restored function and pain free movement to many injured and symptomatic clients.

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