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Strengthening & Injury Prevention

At W6 Physiotherapy, we offer a strengthening and injury prevention sevice to check out any dysfunction prior to it becoming symptomatic. This consists of:

An initial assessment

Supervision of programme

As much or as little input from a therapist to guide you through your specific programme until you feel comfortable to continue performing independently.


Following an agreed period an optional re-assessment can be arranged to check your progress, re-evaluate any treatment plans or make modifications to suite your needs. 

This service should be initiated as soon as possible to optimise rehabilitation or to prevent injury occurring. Strengthening and injury prevention can come in many forms and these can be adapted, combined and trialled to provide the best option for you, whatever level you are at.

Common conditions

Lower Back Pain and Rehabilitation

One of the most common complaints we see within the clinic is lower back pain often caused by injury to spinal discs. The rehabilitation following these injuries is vital to recovery and the prevention of future episodes. Typical rehabilitation may include:

Meniscal Injuries & Rehabilitation

The meniscus or cartilage within the knee can often become damaged through trauma or gradually over time. Management to alleviate symptoms is just the beginning; the correct rehabilitation can restore function and avoid unnecessary surgery. Typical rehabilitation may include:

Rotator Cuff Injuries and Rehabilitation

The shoulder is a highly mobile and well used joint making injury to the surrounding musculature common and debilitating. Once treated to reduce initial symptoms, the rehabilitation should include the following:

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